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Awa-Shima was launched in the South African market in 2004.  Inititally only targeting the Freshwater bank angler.  This soon expanded to include the ever growing Specimen Carp Market.

The European launch of the Craig Neil signature series in 2007 saw intense growth and development of the specimen angling products and their popularity.  The fastest growing market remained the ION Power lines but with specific reference to the Camo Quattro and the Reflector lines.

We soon saw that we could offer a diverse range of higher quality products which could fulfill the needs of all anglers regardless of age, experience or angling facet, thereby contributing to the enjoyment they would gain from their favourite hobby.

Our aim is to supply a brand that has been created by anglers for anglers.

During our short life in the Southern African market we aim to become a brand for all anglers, regardless if you are young, old, beginner or the more experienced. Quite simply a brand for all to enjoy.

We do not have any or have never had any intention to be a brand that we are not. We are a brand that stands alone. We are who we are thanks to you.  The truly dedicated angler.

Therefore let us welcome each other into OUR World of Fishing.