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Carp Rods.

Dropshot & Spin.

Dropshot and Spin 2.



Our rod guides have been manufactured using our latest Alco-Lite system. They are both hard wearing and  very light. They can be used with Braided lines. Made using the lightest metals including titanium, these rings do no not alter the action of the carbon blank.


Every rod in our range has its own spine. If you see the B.A.S.A sign on your rod then for perfect alignment of the rod, all you do is marry both male and female at these points and the rod will be perfectly aligned along the spine offering the best possible performance.


A lot of our sea rods have been manufactured using the special Dry system. Our laboratory tests have shown evidence that carbon layers can loose up to 30% of their strength and compression if they get wet. This system simply all but eliminates this happening.


The new flexi joint system offers the greatest support to the rod joints when under stress. The unique combination of both carbon and fibreglass used on the joints, allows the section to follow the curve imposed by the fight. This reduces the breakage risk by approximately 70%. Another innovation performed by the Awa-Shima engineers


Awa-Shima rod factories only use top quality carbon layers that have been produced by MITSUBISHI INDUSTRIES. The performances offered by this carbon and high module carbon are the only ones that can suit the tough but necessary quality requirements of our engineers.


The PGS power grip system is basically a new construction concept, developed with our field testers. The joints and specific area's have been reinforced with K1 woven carbon that prevents accidental breakages under stress or by the user's over pressure on the holding area's of the rod blanks.



All our tips are built using a special winding process that is parallel from section base to the middle and diagonal from middle to tip. With this system the curve under stress is supported by two different technical elements, that offer stiffness of the first half and progression in the upper half. STS is available on all carbon tips by Awa-Shima.