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Smoooooth Drag out of California offers some of the best drag upgrades in the business.  All of my reels have either the Carbontex drag washers. 


These washers have to be experienced to truly appreciate their value and their place in High Drag settings.


Ever set the hook on a Trophy fish only to have your line break on that first run.  That doesn't happen to a properly working drag. 


Try some of these and you will not be disappointed.  If you do not see the drag washers that you require please email me. We order drag washers in on a monthly basis from California.


Drag Washers: New Generation Carbon Fiber drag washers. This very high quality carbon fiber drag material is the perfect combination of un-rivaled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance.


Carbontex may be used dry or with a very light coating of drag grease.  I recommend a light coating of drag grease on these washers as well.





CBT D#Saltiga 30T,40,50 

CARBONTEX Daiwa Saltiga 30T, 40, 50 

R 230.11

CBT D# Saltiga Surf Conv 

CARBONTEX Daiwa Saltiga Surf Conventional (Set of 6) 

R 162.12

CBT D#SL20/30SH 

CARBONTEX Daiwa SL20 & 30SH (Set of 4) 

R 167.35


CARBONTEX Daiwa SL50SH (Set of 6) 

R 230.11


CARBONTEX Daiwa Saltist 30T, 30TH, 40, 40H, 50, 50H

R 460.22

CBT S#16, 20, 30 

CARBONTEX Trinidad & Torium 16,20,30 (Set of 4) 

R 188.27

CBT S#40 & 50 

CARBONTEX Trinidad 40 & 50 (Set of 6) 

R 271.95

CBT S#ULT10000

CARBONTEX Ultegra 10'000, 14'000 end Bullseye XT

R 230.11

CBT S#3178/10345 

CARBONTEX Fits: Stradic 2500fi, fc, 3000fi, 4000fi, fh, fc, 5000 fi fh, 4000mgfa, 2500mgfb 3000mgfb 3000SFC  2500fCi4, 3000fCi4 4000fCi4, Sustain 2000fe 3000fe 4000fe 5000fe 5000fd 4000fd,  Spheros 5000 6000 12000FA 140000FA, Baitrunner 4500 6500 4000D, Thunnus 4000Ci4  6000Ci4  Saragosa 5000, Aspire 2500FA, 4000FA,  Exage 6000FB & FC, 10000FB & FC,  Rarenium Ci4 2500FA, Ci4 3000SFA, Ci4 4000FA, Ci4 5000FA, Technium 2500FC, 3000SFC,  Twinpower, 2500FC, 3000SFC, 

R 83.68

CBT S#ST 2500fh 

CARBONTEX 2500fh  (#3048)

Fits: Stradic 2500fh,1000fa, 1000fh, 1000FMLCi4, 1000F

Stradic 4000fg, 5000fg, 2000FG, Sustain 1000FD

Symetre 4000FL,  Sahara 4000FE

Catana 1000FB, Exage 1000FC, Hyperloop 1000FB, Nexave 1000FC,  Twinpower Ci4 1500RA, Ci4 2500RA, Ci4 3000SRA, 4000SRA,  Symetre 1000FL, Aernos 1000FA, Sienna 1000FD, Sahara 1000FE, Syncopate 1000FG, Alivio 1000FC

R 83.68

CBT S#ST 6000 8000 

CARBONTEX Shimano Stradic 6000 8000 (Set of 3)  Set of 3

Stradic 6000 FI, FH, FJ  8000 FI, FH, FJ, C1000FC, Sustain 6000FE, FD, 8000 FE FD,  10000FG,    Biomaster 8000PG, Thunnus 12000Ci4  Baitrunner 12000D ,  Twinpower 6000FC, C10000FC,   Biomaster 6000FB

R 94.14

CBT S#Sara 8000 

CARBONTEX Saragosa 8000 (Set of 3)  Fits: Saragosa 4000, 6000, 8000,  Spheros 4000, 8000, Sedona 4000, Thunnus 8000Ci4,  Baitrunner 6000D 8000D  Baitrunner 3500

R 78.45

CBT S#Sara 14000

CARBONTEX Saragosa 14000F 18000F Spheros 18000FB,  Fits: Saragosa 14000FB, 18000FB, Spheros 14000FB 18000FB, Technium C4000FC, C5000FC,  Twinpower C5000FC

R 120.28


Carbontex Stella 9908,  Fits: Stella 2500FD 3000FD 4000FD 2500FE 300FE, 4000FE  3000FB  Fireblood 2500FA,    Stradic 2500FJ 3000FJ 4000FJ 5000FJ, Sustain 2500FG 3000FG 4000FG 5000FG,  Twinpower Ci42500FA, Ci44000SFA, 4000SWA, 4000SW,  Aero 4000SPFA,  Saros 2500FA, 3000FA, 4000FA , Vanquish C3000F, C4000F

R 83.68


CARBONTEX Shimano TLD Star / Speedmasters (Set of 4) 

R 177.81